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Moving Supplies from Movers and Packers

Movers and Packers knows that having the right moving supplies can make a huge difference in how your move is done. Call us at 732-504-6615 to order any of the following supplies.

Bubble Wrap

Great for protecting all your most valuable and fragile items.

Cling Wrap

Keeping large items secured together while also providing protection against scratches and scuffs.

Packing Peanuts

Excellent for filling up boxes so your belongings don’t move around and break during travel.

Ink-Free Newspaper

Newspaper provides a lot of protection, but the ink makes it hard to work with. We offer ink-free newspaper to help with your packing.

Packing Tape & Dispenser

Tape all your boxes shut so they will be nice and secure during the move. We have high quality packing tape for you.

Segmented Boxes

Segmented boxes are great for packing glass dishes and other items that need individualized protection.

TV Boxes

Slide your valuable TV into one of these boxes for added protection during your move.

Wardrobe Boxes

Place your clothes in this type of box to help ensure they are clean and ready to wear when you get to your new home.

Large Linen Boxes

You can fit a lot of linen in this box so it is all together and ready to use after your move.

Medium Linen Boxes

Transport medium or lightweight items that still have a lot of bulk to them in these medium linen boxes.

Small Linen Boxes

Choose these smaller linen boxes for bulky items that aren’t too big.

Office Supply boxes

These office supply boxes are designed to hold letter or legal sized papers and folders.

Book Boxes

Strong boxes that can hold up to the weight of books, canned goods, jars, liquors, and more.

Furniture Pads

Add an extra layer of protection to your furniture and other items during your move.
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